Rodrigo Sassi introduces original project at FAMA’s

The artist exhibits a sculptural installment and brings part of the documentary records of his creation process. Sassi is the fourth artist awarded by Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (FAMA) Occupation Statute

Plants taking walls shattered by time, like a parasite vegetation, that overflows and transforms. They dominate the landscape, relating themselves and merging into a single body. Rodrigo Sassi sculptures have that same parasitic effect as they project themselves to the exterior of walls and pillars of Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro. He is the fourth artist chosen by FAMA’s Occupation Statute and his original project Tríptico, curated by Ricardo Resende opens on April, 13th.

The artist makes use of architecture to arrange the urban setting and its visual references, creating life from structures that interact with the environment. The sculptural installment will occupy the old São Bento powerhouse surroundings, with organic shapes that intervene and transform the location.

His sculptures come from materials found in the city streets. It’s by the use of that kind of material that Sassi delivers his shapes contrast, which merge brutality to weightlessness. “The sculptures design is the same tangled graphic pattern seen on graffiti on the city walls and streets”, punctuates Ricardo Resende, the exhibit’s curator.

Born and raised in São Paulo, the city’s influence is omnipresent in his artworks. Sassi, fond of skateboarding and graffiti cultures, also draws inspiration from music and the city’s night life.

His sculptures don’t bend to common sense. The artist shapes his artworks with plywood blocks, carving curves on the wood. After that process, he fills them with concrete. “He obtains a controlled degradation aesthetic from the own’s material abandonment to mustiness, generating colors in his artworks that take the viewer to a tachisme abstract painting”, thinks Resende.

In Room nº 6, the artist displays the documentary feature of his creation process: engraving moldings. The wood that is cut and its scraps that the artist uses to create his molds were organized on plates like a woodcut, and printed on paper. “The wood matrices that connect to the sculptures refer to the own matter’s origin. They’re nothing more than traces and imprints from the sculpture”, sums the curator.

The artist

Rodrigo Sassi was born in 1981 in São Paulo and, nowadays, lives and works in the city. In 2006, he graduated in Visual Arts in Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). His artistic journey started in urban interventions, in which he used the city as performance, reflection and inspiration supports for his artworks. He deepened his urban research and transformed it into aesthetic and conceptual references for three-dimensional artworks that moves between sculpture and artistic installments.

His artworks have been displayed at São Paulo’s Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB), at Red Bull Station, also at galleries such as Paris’ MdM and London’s Nosco. Took part in collective exhibitions at Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Museu Brasileiro de Escultura (MuBE), Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro, London’s Frameless Gallery, among others. Sassi was awarded with prizes from PROAC Artes Visuais and Sculpture Space in 2016, in New York City, and Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris (2014/2015). He’s the fourth artist to win Fábrica de Artes Marcos Amaro’s (FAMA) Occupation Statute.