Marcos Amaro’s 2019 Art Prize – Open Entry

Marcos Amaro’s 2019 Art Prize – Open Entry

Marcos Amaro’s 2019 Art Prize – Open Entry

Developed by Fundação Marcos Amaro in partnership with SP-Arte, Marcos Amaro’s Art Prize seeks to foster contemporary artistic production. By awarding artists in the middle of their career, that experiment in their production, using innovative techniques, mediums and expressions.

In this third edition, will be granted a 50.000 reais prize to the chosen artist. In addition, the winner will develop an original project, up to 45.000 reais budget, to be exhibited at Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro (located in Itu, São Paulo’s countryside) in 2020, concurrently at 16th SP-Arte’s. Curator Ricardo Resende will be directing the project. After that, the artwork may be embedded into the Fundação Marcos Amaro’s collection.


In order to apply, the artist must be represented by a gallery that took part in 2019’s SP-Arte. The registration can be done by the artist or by the representing gallery up to February, 28th. The candidate must fill the application form, as well as sending an email to, including the portfolio containing up to five images from previous pieces and a draft of an original artwork that may cost up to the 45.000t reais for production and transportation budget.

All data from the applications will be sent to the judging panel, consisting of Fábrica de Arte Marcos Amaro’s advisory council, that will preselect five artists until March, 15th. The council is represented by Marcos Amaro, Ricardo Resende, Raquel Fayad, Aracy Amaral, Fábio Magalhães, Gilberto Salvador and Patricia Rousseaux.

To pick the winner, a thorough examination of the finalist’s artworks will be performed in April, 3rd during the SP-Arte’s opening. To meet that end, it necessary that the representing gallery displays at least one artwork from the artist on that day. The winner will be announced in April 4th, Thursday, also during 2019’s SP-Arte.

In order for the judging panel to consider the admission, pay attention to the prize’s statute and its conditions. A thorough reading through the document is essential.

Marcos Amaro’s Art Prize

It all started in 2017, in a partnership between Fundação Marcos Amaro and SP-Arte, during the 13th Festival Internacional de Arte de São Paulo, from the need to value and spotlight Brazilian and foreign artists. Ivan Grilo, from Casa Triângulo Gallery, and Brígida Baltar, from Nara Roesler Gallery, were the awarded artists in 2017 and 2018’ editions.